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A self-disclosure form link is provided in this policy. The U. System Administration department head receiving a self-report as required under this section must provide the information to OES and ODOP and consult about the individual's suitability for the position.


Subject to standard grievance and disciplinary procedures as applicable, falsification or omission of records or failure to report as required by this policy or law is a violation of policy and will lead to disciplinary action. Records obtained from a criminal background check database will be regarded as confidential as required by law and will not be made a part of the applicant's file or the employee's personnel file.

The information will be kept in a separate secure file and will not be communicated to any unauthorized person. Under Texas Government Code Section System Administration officials in possession of such information shall seek legal advice with respect to any requested release of such information. ODOP shall destroy all records obtained from a criminal background check database about the individual six months after it is obtained. Self-reports of charges or convictions as required by this policy will be maintained with the employee's personnel file in OES in accordance with U.

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System Administration's records retention schedule. This policy and procedure addresses criminal background checks only and does not limit the U. System Administration's authority to conduct other background checks as permitted by law. Applicant - an individual who applies for a position with U. System Administration, whether the individual is an outside candidate or a current employee. Appropriate - using a database s that is authorized, takes into consideration the nature of the position, information obtained from the US government in connection with the Visa process as well as one that includes data for permanent, temporary and educational residences for anyone who has lived outside the State of Texas since the age of Criminal History Record Information - information collected about a person by a criminal justice agency that consists of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, information, and other formal criminal charges and their dispositions, as more fully described in Texas Government Code Section National Criminal History Record Check NCHRC - a criminal history record check obtained from both the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation based on fingerprint identification information, or a criminal record check obtained from a private vendor based on national criminal records.

Position - both full-time and part-time positions, whether the position is filled or to be filled by a regular or a temporary worker or requires student status as a condition of holding the position, but not including a position filled by a temporary worker provided by a temporary employment agency; the employment agency should be expected to conduct and held responsible for conducting the criminal background check.

Site- Policy Library Hero. Page title HOP 3. Main page content. System Administration requires that a criminal background check be obtained on the following categories: 2. The criminal background check must include a sex offender registration check. A background check must be conducted on: a a current employee who has applied for and is a finalist for a new position a new background check is not required for a promotion as part of the normal career progression under the responsibility of the same Executive Officer; b all current employees, volunteers, and interns if U.

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Job Descriptions, Advertisements, and Postings U. While most crimes are tried and convicted at the county level—and therefore filed in county courthouses—every state has a repository that collects criminal records from throughout the state.

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County courts are expected to report into these repositories to keep the databases up to date. Employers often rely on state criminal checks to expand the reach of their pre-employment screening process beyond county lines. This Texas state background check will peruse records stored in the conviction database managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Run this report now or See a sample state criminal history report. Texas is no exception. Employers in the state should be aware of these limitations before ordering a Texas background check.

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Below, backgroundchecks. Texas does not currently have any statewide ban the box laws on the books. Minor applicants must arrive at the scheduled fingerprinting appointment with their parent or legal guardian. To verify a minor's identity, parents or legal guardians can use either:.

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If a minor applicant uses the Texas Photo ID Waiver for Minors form, parents or legal guardians must complete the information on the waiver form in the presence of the fingerprint enrollment agent. A UEID number may be used to:. If you provided an email address as your "Method of Contact for Fingerprint Scheduling" when your background check was requested, you will receive an email containing your UEID from the DPS fingerprinting vendor. If you do not receive the email or you did not provide an email address with your background check request, email us at Ask Background Checks.

You must include your full name and date of birth with your request. The fingerprinting fee is paid directly to the fingerprinting vendor, and must be paid with a business check, money order, or credit card. See the Fees for Background Checks and Fingerprinting page for more information about these fees. If an email was provided when your background check was requested, the fingerprinting vendor sends your service code to that email address.

If you do not receive the email or you did not provide an email address, use the steps and chart below to obtain the required Service Code:.

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NOTE: You may click on the Service Code hyperlink to be redirected to the fingerprinting vendor's website to begin scheduling a fingerprint appointment. Do you receive financial compensation for the role in which this background check is being requested? Note that DFPS stipends for foster and adoptive parents are not considered financial compensation. DFPS requires using an online system to automate and speed-up the processing of fingerprint checks.