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BellSouth Mobility operated wireless networks using many different wireless communication standards. Data services were provided by BellSouth Wireless Data , and used the pre BellSouth Mobility was a mobile phone network operated by the American landline telephone company BellSouth.

In , it became part of the Cingular Wireless network, and the BellSouth branding was dropped; however, the company continued to exist as an operating subsidiary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BellSouth Mobility logo, until History People Alexander Graham Bell. Randall L. Rose Samuel A.

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Optus 5G. Now you get it.

Optus will send a unique code via SMS within 72 hours of recharging. Limit one gift per customer.

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Excludes handset upgrades and SIM swaps. New customers only.

First three recharges must occur within 90 days of activation. For use in AU within 28 days. Excludes rate plan change and SIM swaps.

Streaming data does not roll over. Learn more here. Just plug into power. Download the App and look for the free icon to start watching. They scammed me from LTE speeds to 3G speed. After hours of calling, and false promises to call me and get me updated, they did nothing.

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Still in the phone, hours invested. All of this after being more than 9 years with them. My husband and I were on the search for a new provider. We had heard good things about the att coverage so we chose to go there. They had a great deal of buy one get one for the iPhone XR.

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I was super excited. We stated talking pricing and plans with the rep. We got the unlimited and more plan. During the process of signing up and getting the phones, my husband and I asked many many times over if there were any other fees; the rep continued to tell us no. We asked so many times in store about any fees and were lied to. Now we are at the point that we are going to return our phones and request a full refund, and because we paid with a debit card I am sure that it will be business days before we see that money; meaning we will be out phones for that length of time.